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antagonize, arise, battle, beat against, beat up against, breast the wave, buck, buffet, buffet the waves, challenge, close with, combat, compete with, complain, complain loudly, confront, contend against, contend with, contest, dispute, dissent, face down, face out, face up to, fight, fight against, front, grapple with, insurge, insurrect, join battle with, kick against, labor against, make a stand, meet head-on, militate against, mount the barricades, mutineer, mutiny, nauseate, object, offer resistance, oppose, overthrow, protest, rebel, recalcitrate, reluctate, remonstrate, repel, repulse, revolt, revolute, revolution, revolutionize, riot, rise, rise up, rival, run riot, show fight, sicken, stand, stand at bay, stand up against, stand up to, stem the tide, strike, strive against, struggle against, subvert, take on, vie with, withstand
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